Samuel Adams Octoberfest

December 8th, 2011
As the temperatures finally begin to drop to normal autumnal highs, we’ve got a taste for one thing: the delicious, crisp, flavorful seasonal brews that only come ’round this time of year. What better to compliment the desire to initiate hibernation than an Oktoberfest or Pumpkin Ale? Since we’ve got no other logical answer, we stopped by our (admittedly well-stocked) neighborhood bodega and filled a six-pack with a sampling of fall offerings from breweries both big and small. Without getting too beer geeky, we review our picks from this year’s crop: h2. Samuel Adams Octoberfest: Boston, Mass. 5.7 percent alcohol/volume $1.79/bottle !/system/artwork/0000/0375/Samuel_Adams_Octoberfest.jpg! REVIEW: The Brooklyn Oktoberfest’s doppelganger (the bottle is also adorned in festive blue, yellow and a reddish-orange), Sam’s seasonal offering is much more shy. Caramel and earthy hints take a little more digging. It’s got an effortless drinkability, making it an ideal choice when in need of a buddy for the heavy comfort foods of the season (Sam, meet Shepherd’s Pie). h2. Magic Hat Jinx South Burlington, Vt. 6.9 percent alcohol/volume $1.99/bottle REVIEW: Hoping to find a Vermont ale tasting as vibrant as its home state’s foliage this time of year, Jinx failed to transport this drinker to pure autumnal bliss. Smoky hints in flavor did conjure memories of post-hayride bonfires though,complimented by a nice reddish-orange hue. h2. Blue Point Oktoberfest Patchogue, Long Island 5.01 percent alcohol/volume $1.99/bottle REVIEW: Smooth, ambertoned and just slightly malty, this is the kind of beer one imagines Bavarian maids toting around in ginormous steins. It’s ideal when needing an accompaniment to an evening of stuffing yourself silly with bratwurst and pretzels. h2. Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale Easton, Pa. 8 percent alcohol/volume $3.29/bottle <blockquote><p class=quote>Samuel Adams Octoberfest: Recipe from chef partner David Burke: Pumpkin Ravioli with Samuel Adams Octoberfest, Brown Butter and Sage Serves 4 Ingredients: * 24 store bought pumpkin ravioli * 2 shallots * 6 Tbs butter * 2 Tbs sage, chopped * 6 oz Samuel Adams * Octoberfest beer * ¼ cup parmesan cheese Method: Sautee shallots in butter and brown. When butter is browned add beer and sage, salt and pepper and parmesan cheese. Pour over ravioli.</p></blockquote> REVIEW: Linus, we have found the Great Pumpkin. The pour out of the ghoulishly fun labeled bottle is as thick as pumpkin pie filling (OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it is nice and dense) and the taste just as gloriously spiced — the cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and cloves are all there. Perhaps best to drink as its own tasty little dessert. h2. Brooklyn Oktoberfest Brooklyn, N.Y. 5.5 percent alcohol/volume $1.99/bottle REVIEW: Dressed up in a smart little blue, yellow and red label, this beer itself boasts a bold, deep amber color and isn’t coy in its flavor, either. Its malty, caramel smell is forthrightly matched by toasted, sweet flavors. We’re squirreling away a case or two for the winter. h2. Dogfish Head Punkin Ale Milton, Del. 7 percent alcohol/volume $2.69/bottle REVIEW: Despite its “Punk” nickname, this tasty slice of pumpkin pie is all treat and no tricks — creamy and mildly spicy. Click Here for More Seasonal Beer Suggestions: Ray, Amber. Fall=pretty leaves + autumnal beers (October 2008). Metro- The world's largest global newspaper. Retrived September 1, 2009.