Mike's Hard Pink Lemonade

December 8th, 2011
!/system/artwork/0000/0371/Mike_s_Pink_Logo.gif!:http://destinationbeer.com/beers/mikes-hard-pink-lemonade Mike's Hard Lemonade:http://destinationbeer.com/breweries/mikes-hard-lemonade-co is launching a new seasonal- Mike's Hard Pink Lemonade:http://destinationbeer.com/beers/mikes-hard-pink-lemonade. In conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, Mike's is making a $250,000 donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) in memory of Jacqueline S. who was a part of the Mike's family since the company was founded. The pink lemonade and pink ribbon on each label shows support for breast cancer research, this is a great way to increase awareness of such an important cause. h2. Taste Profile An iconic, all-American favorite done hard. Lightly carbonated and packed with all the punch and sour kick that's made Mike's famous, Mike's Hard Pink Lemonade:http://destinationbeer.com/beers/mikes-hard-pink-lemonade makes for the perfect cool beverage as we wind down the summer and head into the Fall and tailgating season. !/system/artwork/0000/0369/Mike_s-Hard-Pink-Lemonade.png!:http://destinationbeer.com/beers/mikes-hard-pink-lemonade h2. About the BCRF The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is an independent 501 © (3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is to achieve prevention and a cure for breast cancer in our lifetime by providing critical funding for innovative clinical and translational research at leading medical centers worldwide. The BCRF has received exceptional recognition from several organizations that monitor and provide comprehensive, unbiased information on charities. In 2009, the foundation has received the highest rating from the Charity Navigator, four stars, for the eighth consecutive year, which means BCRF has outperformed 99.8% of more than 5,400 evaluated charities in efficiently managing its finances. In addition, the American Institute of Philanthropy has re-evaluated BCRF’s “A” rating since 2002, and awarded BCRF an “A+” rating. This is the highest possible rating by AIP, BCRF is recognized by AIP as one of the “Top Rated” cancer organizations, and is the only breast cancer organization to appear on its “Top Rated Charities”. For additional information, visit bcrfcure.org:http://bcrfcure.org/