Celebrate Halloween with Guinness

December 8th, 2011
!(wide)/system/artwork/0000/0333/Halloween_Guinness_700.jpg! h2. Make a Magic Brew Take a tip from Frankenstein and bring things to life this Halloween. For something freakishly good add Guinness Draught to your Harp Lager for a wicked Half & Half, or for another beast of a drink, mix up some Smithwick's Irish Ale and Guinness Draught for a Black & Tan. h2. Reasons to Drink Guinness Draught on Halloween: * 1. It's black. * 2. It's mysterious. * 3. It's alive inside. h2. The Perfect Pour: * Tilt pint glass at an angle, 1/2 way fill with Smithwick's Irish Ale for a Black & Tan or Harp Lager for a Half & Half * Pour Guinness Draught over an updside down spoon slowly until the glass is full. * With the perfect pour, Guinness will stay on top and Smithwick's or Harp on bottom